Uniform Information

Full school uniform must be worn on journeys to and from school. A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at school without correct uniform must report to their Head of House or Matron at the start of the day. Notes will not be given (or accepted from parents/carers) to excuse non-uniform footwear being worn. Inappropriate clothing/jewellery will be confiscated.

Uniform Rules:

Jewellery, tattoos and body/facial/tongue/mouth piercings (bars, ear lobe extenders, nose rings and studs) are forbidden (except for one small, plain gold or silver stud earring worn in the lobe of each ear, not through the cartilage).
Non-school badges, wrist bands and bracelets must not be worn.
A single charity wrist band or badge is allowed.
Students must not wear clothes or footwear displaying fashion or sports labels.
Hair should be kept neat and tidy and should not be dyed unnatural hair colours, be shaved off or have colours or patterns/ words cut or woven into.
Make-up must be discrete (barely noticeable). Nail varnish or acrylic/gel nails must not be worn.

Dress Codes

Black blazer with badge in House colour (badge obtainable from ‘DJ Uniforms’ in Bushey).  A jumper must not be worn instead of a blazer.

House tie worn with the logo visible beneath the knot.

Plain white shirt (not sports shirt) with traditional collar buttoned to the top, worn tucked in (Coloured/patterned garments should not be visible underneath).

Plain black V-necked jumper (optional). Cardigans or hoodied tops are not to be worn except for leavers’ hoodies in the final week of Year.

Plain black tailored trousers for boys or girls. Jeans style, chinos, combats, cords, cropped or tight trousers are not to be worn. Belts must not be decorative or integral to the trousers.

Grey tartan school kilt for girls. To be worn not higher than 5cm above the knee.

Sensible plain black low heeled shoes (traditional in style) or boots are acceptable. Trainers, sandals or canvas shoes are not acceptable. They may only be worn in the Autumn and Spring Terms and should not be army style, furry or with decoration or attachments. Footwear such as Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas (or any other sports brand) and ‘Dr Martin’ boots are not acceptable for school. If in doubt do not buy!

Socks – plain white, black or grey worn not higher than the knee. Girls may wear plain flesh coloured or black tights instead of socks but they must not be worn together with them. Footless or patterned tights must not be worn.

Plain dark outdoor coat (black, grey or blue). It must be longer than the blazer and not be a sports top or sleeveless coat/gilet. Denim or leather (including a leather look) coats are not allowed.

Plain black, dark blue or grey scarf or hijab.

Hats of any description are not to be worn in the school building.

Scarves (except hijabs) and gloves must not be worn in lessons.