The House system is at the heart of AGASS strong pastoral care program. Students are assigned one of four Houses as soon as they enter the school: Anokye; Berlin; Mensah and Loius, all originally chosen by our students.

The House system provides a sense of identity and belonging within a larger school community. This allows our students to receive extensive support from both staff and peers.

There are many opportunities for pupils to develop their personal and social skills such as teamwork and leadership through the House system. The social growth of pupils is an important

part of their overall education and the school aims to produce well-rounded citizens who are ready to take their place in society.

Our students develop strong loyalties to their House and take inter-House competitions very seriously. There is fierce but friendly competition to earn House points through a variety of activities including academia, music, sport and drama.

Safeguarding the welfare of our students is of the utmost importance to us. It is our aim to provide a safe and secure environment for all the young people in our care and it’s the shared responsibility of all our staff to monitor the well being of students.

Loius House

The first Adventist evangelist in Agona town.

Berlin House

The first principal (white) of the school

Anokye House

The Chief who helped the Adventist missionaries in setting up the school.

Mensah House

The fist African principal of the school.